Mar 18, 2009

My Life's Chapter No. 3

Today, my life shifted to third chapter! 

The part 1 of my life is called 'Learning to walk'.It was till the days of my graduation. Those were the days when I did whatever was told to me by my parents, friends and family. I was a child who learnt everything that was taught. 

The part 2 started when I joined IBS for MBA. This part of my life is 'Learning to fly'. I did whatever I wanted to. I made friends, lived life to the fullest, felt love for the first time, felt pain for the first time too!! During this period, I learnt a lot of lessons about life but not from parents or professors but friends! As far as I see, this is the best time of my life and most memorable too.

Today, I entered into the 3rd part of my life. This part of my life is 'Learning to Care'. Today, I joined my dad's business. He was waiting for this day like  a thirsty land looking at heavens for drops of water. From today my life enters into the phase of taking responsibilities. 

I have a mixed feeling today. At one side, I feel pain of getting separated from the college life during which the D5 was my home, friends were my family, assignments were my routine, exams were my entertainment days, classes were my TV channels, Raju's Shop was my kitchen and white house was my restroom. On the other hand, I feel elated with the feeling of being with parents again! I don't understand how to express this feeling. 

The only thing I know is that I feel like I lost something and gained something and on either transaction, I had no control. 

Feb 10, 2009

The way I would Propose!

That perfect night, the perfect smile

The perfect time, the perfect line

To tell you the truth

Another time, another day

Another boy, in another way

Gonna tell this to you

But you need to listen to me

Coz that’s gonna make me free

And that’s how I want it to be

I know that you are the one for me


I am alive, n I will survive

But take this dive, for my life

To make it more meaningful

I want you, n I need you

I care for you, n I love you

Gonna make life colorful

And you need to listen to me

Coz that’s gonna make me free

And that’s how I want it to be

I know that you are the one for me


Time will come, n time will go

The memories will always show

The love that we made

The sun will rise, the sun will set

Flowers blossom, blight they’ll get

Your beauty will never fade

Ooh please come and listen to me

Coz that’s gonna make me free

And that’s how I want it to be

You’ll always be the one for me

P.S. Try singing this at the tune of Graham Colton's Best Days, you would feel the song ;) 

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Feb 9, 2009

Farewell :((

Finally, MBA is over and we are going back to our home. This is the time that we all have to get seperated (n I hate to say this), this is the time to say Goodbye. I will remember all of you forever and I will chrish all our memories. As a Tribute to our friendship...this is my Yesterday, Today and Tommorow:

Yesterday I was a child

Wanted to get out of the nest

Dad wanted me to see the world

Mom tried to keep me at to her closet


I managed to change her mind

Got to this place and found you all

We all saw together,

Monsoons, springs and falls


We laughed, we cried

Everything we did together

I lived my life in a way

I could have imagined never


But today, we stand here

To say each other goodbye

Those days won’t come back

No matter how hard we try


I am no more a child now

At least I think like that

But today I can’t stop crying

Like a child who has gone mad


Tomorrow I am going to be a manager

The same would be case with you

And I don’t know whether we would be in touch

But let me tell, I am surely going to miss you


It’s time to get separated

It’s time to sing new chants

And, the muse of the songs

Would be the memories of those moments!

(P.S. Video made and editted by Rishabh Luthra)

Feb 3, 2009

Somebody Help!!!

There’s something missing in my heart

Can somebody help me find that out?

There’s something going in my mind

Can somebody help  me clear my doubt?


I have so many friends out here

Then why I feel so lonely?

There is so much to keep me busy

Then why I am missing one and only?


I go to parties, dance, drink, enjoy

Still when I sit, don’t feel too good

I just make an artificial face or try

Why is it so? I never understood


Sitting in my room I think the whole night

Why I am behaving so strange

In the end, my situation still remains the same

Tried a lot, it doesn’t change


Then I see the positive side

Just to convince myself

One day I would get the answer

Just have to find the right shelf


Can somebody help me find that shelf?

Can somebody extend a hand of help?



Jan 22, 2009

She stood on the wall of the well

Looked deep down to find the silent waters

There came all the memories to her recall

Back came the days of those slaughters

She was being forced by her father to get drowned

And she did not want to suicide

But what else could the man has done

    It was a matter of the man’s pride

For she was being left alone by the family

And they were going too far

Her little brother was mourning too

How that innocent would know it was a war

When India and Pakistan were made apart

Families faced condition so miserable

All came to kill each other

Be it Hindus, be it Muslims

The girls had to die

For they had no other choice

She didn’t want to suicide

But did she have any voice?

The young girl suddenly got down and ran

To find a place to hide

Her brother calling her not to go

He was also crushed in the tide

All of them gone, no Hindu left

Her family also disappeared

And there came some Muslims

They saw her shivering with fear

There was a good one among them

Who saved her and married

And she was forced to get converted

Quran in her closet since, she always carried

And there comes the day again

She is standing on the same wall

For the previous time it was her father

This time it was son’s call

The merciful day came when she saw her brother again

But they were no more her family

Now she was Hindu no more

She now has a son who listens to her barely

He calls himself a “Jehadi” now

And hates the so called blasphemous

He also became doubtful of her

Asked “whether you are still one of us”

What could have she replied

She, herself didn’t know

Molded herself to time

But it was her time to go

She stood on the wall of the well

And looked deep down to find the silent waters

There came all the memories to her recall

Back came the days of those slaughters

This time she made up her mind

She had come here after all the prayers

Be it Quran, be it Jap Sahib

She read it all with taught flairs

This time she came prepared

She could not have taken any more

And “splash” she went down

‘Coz she was broken from the core

The only doubt she had in mind

Before this quirk …

Which place will she be going?

The Muslims’ Jannat or Hindus’ Swarg!

(Inspired By a Pakistani Movie: Khamosh Pani, The Silent Waters)

P.S.: If you get a chance don't miss this will get another perspective of how the females are treated in this part of the world...they are always forced to adopt what thier parents, husbands and sons choose for them. It was a heart melting time when I wrote this since my Grandparents have been through all this during the partition. My Grand mother had to stay inside a heap of agricultural waste with a child of 3 years  for more than a week to get out with safely. She was pregnant that time.

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Jan 12, 2009

I love these Rains!

O God! Please listen to my prayer

Please don’t keep the sky so clear

And bring the shadows of the clouds

Let them pour and roar out aloud


I feel so lonely and so sad

I wish to cry and get so mad

But I don’t want them to know

About my misery, I don’t want to show


O thank you God, for listening to me

Thou poured from heavens and blessed me

These clouds I feel are just like me

Full with emotions but still don’t plea

They just burst out aloud

And let their pain get drowned


O, I have always loved these rains

For they help me hide my pains

Now, I can walk along the path without any fear

And they would not be able to notice my tears.

Dec 12, 2008

I Feel So Good!

I feel so good, after all I did

It feels like heaven, after all I did


It was difficult, it was painful

But ultimately I got the courage

It was amazing, it was beautiful

For I finally stopped being a sage


You called me that day, we had a talk

I showed you my heart and resolved it all

I know it would be hard for you

And maybe you will never gim’me a call


It would be good for both of us

For finally we can have a wrap

And you were already so far from me

It was difficult to bridge the gap


Finally, I broke the clutches

And I gave vent to my emotions

Finally, I hold no grudges

And it helped me get new directions


Finally, I see myself clearly

Now I can be who I am

Finally, I can forget you

Coz now I don’t give u a damn


I feel so good, after all I did

It feels like heaven, after all I did