Mar 18, 2009

My Life's Chapter No. 3

Today, my life shifted to third chapter! 

The part 1 of my life is called 'Learning to walk'.It was till the days of my graduation. Those were the days when I did whatever was told to me by my parents, friends and family. I was a child who learnt everything that was taught. 

The part 2 started when I joined IBS for MBA. This part of my life is 'Learning to fly'. I did whatever I wanted to. I made friends, lived life to the fullest, felt love for the first time, felt pain for the first time too!! During this period, I learnt a lot of lessons about life but not from parents or professors but friends! As far as I see, this is the best time of my life and most memorable too.

Today, I entered into the 3rd part of my life. This part of my life is 'Learning to Care'. Today, I joined my dad's business. He was waiting for this day like  a thirsty land looking at heavens for drops of water. From today my life enters into the phase of taking responsibilities. 

I have a mixed feeling today. At one side, I feel pain of getting separated from the college life during which the D5 was my home, friends were my family, assignments were my routine, exams were my entertainment days, classes were my TV channels, Raju's Shop was my kitchen and white house was my restroom. On the other hand, I feel elated with the feeling of being with parents again! I don't understand how to express this feeling. 

The only thing I know is that I feel like I lost something and gained something and on either transaction, I had no control.