Aug 14, 2008

Are We Free

When India got independence in 1947 from the clutches of British Government, every human who called himself an Indian would have rejoiced the moment. But, think of the moment in which we are living today. We move in the best automobiles ever made, live in the best houses ever built, and get entertained with a six by Sachin Tendulkar or by a Shahrukh Khan’s movie. But, are we actually free? Are we doing the things, which we actually wanted to do, or someone behind the curtain is making us do those things, which we are doing so as to get advantage from it?

When we look at the situation in general sense, one can say “well! Of course I am free. I am working for an MNC, I get paid for my work, I move around freely, have fun with my television and live a life which I wanted to live”. But, isn’t it a life that we were forced to live?

Here, I think of a situation shown in the movie ‘Gladiator’ where the new emperor, who killed his father to get the power, built a Coliseum where the gladiators fought and entertained the people. The people of Rome loved the emperor to give such a vision to them but behind the scenes, they actually gave submission to him without even knowing that they did so because they all got distracted from the woes of the time. This finally resulted in the death of Roman Empire.

The same can be the situation at this moment too when we are duped by watching a WWE match or by a K-serial of Ekta Kapoor or by news that talks about what Miss Rakhi Sawant is going to do on the Valentine’s Day. All these things keep us busy so that we cannot think more critically in the things that are of more importance. And, this is beneficial for some most influential people as they can do whatever they want keeping us busy in the so-called ‘infotainment’.

Today, every one of us wants to be different. We want to be better than the other person. But, this only thing makes us divided. Remember when the British Government followed the so-called ‘divide and rule’ policy. They wanted the rulers to think of becoming better than the other ruler, which led to wars between them giving advantage to the British and finally we ended in slavery.

Both these attributes of a human being ‘inclination to entertainment’ and ‘willingness of being different’ force him to become a slave. We are becoming slaves in a sense if we continue to keep these two attributes inherent in us.

Now, one will ask, “if we are slaves, then who is the master’. The answer is: those who get an advantage from this, the governments and international bankers. The governments get benefit because they can do anything they want and the people wont resist them because they are more interested in the stupefying entertainments, fashion and a race of becoming better than the other.

But, even more benefits are to the international bankers who are responsible to create money by printing notes and distributing them in form of loans to the government thereby charging interest, for which they print more notes.

The influential people are misleading us. We believe what they say as true because they say that over and over and over. Think for example, of terrorism. Terrorism is becoming an issue that is most talked about these days. To keep the citizens of US safe, the US government has passed so many acts that actually reduced the free rights of the citizens. Now, the FBI can go into any house for search without any warrant and keep you in custody just if they suspect you as a terrorist. The war on terror is so proliferated and extended that it becomes a terror in itself. The governments can perform anything in the name of war on terrorism and people won’t question them. The US wars on Afghanistan and Iraq were not much resisted. The governments spent billions of dollars in the name of the war against terrorism and no one questioned them. The benefits of the wars went to the Federal Reserve Bank that provided the loans for US government. Thousands of Americans died and Federal Bank made millions.

There are so many more important issues that need to be thought of. We have to be aware. We have every right to know the truth. If we think on the important issues that are taking place and keep us informed and if we question the reason of happening of those events, we would know more. And, this knowledge would bring enlightenment.

You should think differently but never think of being different because the feeling of being different divides us. And, that division makes us a slave.