Feb 9, 2009

Farewell :((

Finally, MBA is over and we are going back to our home. This is the time that we all have to get seperated (n I hate to say this), this is the time to say Goodbye. I will remember all of you forever and I will chrish all our memories. As a Tribute to our friendship...this is my Yesterday, Today and Tommorow:

Yesterday I was a child

Wanted to get out of the nest

Dad wanted me to see the world

Mom tried to keep me at to her closet


I managed to change her mind

Got to this place and found you all

We all saw together,

Monsoons, springs and falls


We laughed, we cried

Everything we did together

I lived my life in a way

I could have imagined never


But today, we stand here

To say each other goodbye

Those days won’t come back

No matter how hard we try


I am no more a child now

At least I think like that

But today I can’t stop crying

Like a child who has gone mad


Tomorrow I am going to be a manager

The same would be case with you

And I don’t know whether we would be in touch

But let me tell, I am surely going to miss you


It’s time to get separated

It’s time to sing new chants

And, the muse of the songs

Would be the memories of those moments!

(P.S. Video made and editted by Rishabh Luthra)


Anonymous said...

i know the feeling.. wonderful poetry...obviously i cannot comment on the emotion behind the poetry..

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Nav, wishing you luck and good will as you step into another dimension of life! Wonderfully well written lines!

jack said...

oh will miss you guys, :((
nicely written bro

Karn said...

hi dost

great work....
I'm becoming a fan of ur blogs...
Keep blogging ....
and always stay in touch...


Navchawla said...

even this post cannot explain completely.. the emotions tht are flowing..its hard to describe in words!

Navchawla said...

Thanx dude for the wishes! keep visiting

Navchawla said...

thnx bro
m also gonna miss all of u..specially ur philosophies n mentorship..lol..u kno wht m talking right ;)

Navchawla said...

Bro thanx for the wonderful comments...m gonna miss u a lotttt n also your BB's sandwiches..lolss..they were my lifelines!!
all the best for ur future..may u reach new heights wherever u go :)
keep visiting n posting!!

Mohita said...

It was Amazing..
Loved it..!!