Feb 3, 2009

Somebody Help!!!

There’s something missing in my heart

Can somebody help me find that out?

There’s something going in my mind

Can somebody help  me clear my doubt?


I have so many friends out here

Then why I feel so lonely?

There is so much to keep me busy

Then why I am missing one and only?


I go to parties, dance, drink, enjoy

Still when I sit, don’t feel too good

I just make an artificial face or try

Why is it so? I never understood


Sitting in my room I think the whole night

Why I am behaving so strange

In the end, my situation still remains the same

Tried a lot, it doesn’t change


Then I see the positive side

Just to convince myself

One day I would get the answer

Just have to find the right shelf


Can somebody help me find that shelf?

Can somebody extend a hand of help?




Anonymous said...

here, i extend my hand if it helps.. :) i sometimes wonder what i feel at some point of time has been felt by someone else... we are so different yet so similar..

keep writing .. i am following your insights now ..:)

Navchawla said...

thanx kajal...for extending a hand of help [;)]
its true..all humans do face similar kinds of feelings many a times!!
keep visiting..thanx for following my blog :)

jack said...

Why are you scared of being alone?
People here have hearts that’s already torn,

Why do you need a hand to hold?
Try and face this world being bold,

Why do you need a shoulder to cry?
Accept that this world is simply a lie.

Why can’t you gather strength and get up again?
Life’s blows are recursive and easy to sustain,

Why can’t you fight and try and change your fate?
If not sooner then, then why not a bit late.

This are few lines from my new poem, it says it all


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Great space you've got here.....my time visiting!

And reg that thing that you feel is missing....only you and you alone can figure that out.......and make amends.....

I guess time will answer all muddled questions.....write it out, speak it out and live well!


Navchawla said...

@ jack
nice poem jack..but i guess if we start thinking like this we always will have no faith on hope!!
everyone needs someone to hold ur hand..this is wht makes us human...our feelings, affection inclination to love and aspiration to love and be loved!!

Navchawla said...

welcome to my blog rakesh..
i guess time will give answers to all my questions..till tht time this dilemma would be there!!

keep visiting for more!

jack said...

i don't agree with you, what y poem suggest is, having hope and faith in one ownself, if you can't stand up for your ownself, have faith in your own self to fight back, no hand in this world will be able to hold you....
And loving and having feelings doesn't mean being weak
There are choices to make you wait for someone to help you or you stand up for your ownself and say 'enough is enough'
choice is yours


Navchawla said...

points taken bro..accepted the fact tht we have to fight alone and then the whole world would follow us!!

Cathy said...

Hi, Navchawla, You write beautifully. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. There are more moon pictures under Labels on the right sidebar "Moon." I LOVE taking pictures of the moon!

When Jesus comes into your heart, you will have joy and peace. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. :o)

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