Dec 12, 2008

I Feel So Good!

I feel so good, after all I did

It feels like heaven, after all I did


It was difficult, it was painful

But ultimately I got the courage

It was amazing, it was beautiful

For I finally stopped being a sage


You called me that day, we had a talk

I showed you my heart and resolved it all

I know it would be hard for you

And maybe you will never gim’me a call


It would be good for both of us

For finally we can have a wrap

And you were already so far from me

It was difficult to bridge the gap


Finally, I broke the clutches

And I gave vent to my emotions

Finally, I hold no grudges

And it helped me get new directions


Finally, I see myself clearly

Now I can be who I am

Finally, I can forget you

Coz now I don’t give u a damn


I feel so good, after all I did

It feels like heaven, after all I did


Psycadellic Tuhin said...

Amazing Act Naveen. I am happy that you did what you wanted. Might sound like a rebel, but i think when the mind is filled with strange botherations, which create a lot of chaos, the best thing to do would be to do what you have always wanted to.

Raabindranath Tagore had written a poem, " Where the Mind is Without Fear", i follow the line completely.

Cheers For Naveen Chawla.
Once again, AMAZING POST.

Navchawla said...

@thnx dude...keep visiting..
these poems are just like drops of emotions pouring down ur feelings..and as i said life's a journey move on..applies to me too

jack said...

hey naveen good work again, i guess we should always follow our heart, and do thing that i right to ourself at that point and time, that requires courage.. i am glad you are gaining that courage :)

keep posting

Arjun said...

Man.. This was awesome....
I loved every part of it...


Prabudha said...

अच्छी रचना है। फिर से बधाई।

आदमी को हमेशा वही करना चाहिए जो उसके मन में हो। अपने अस्तित्व को दूसरे के हवाले करने से ज़्यादा अच्छा है कि आदमी कुछ कठिन निर्णय ले कर क्षण भर का कष्ट भोग ले। थोड़ी तक़लीफ़ शुरू में हो सकती है, लेकिन बाद में पछतावा नहीं होता। और किसी एक के होने या ना होने से दुनिया खत्म नहीं हो जाती। एक शेर याद आता है कि -

'राह-ए-उल्फ़त में आप साथ नहीं
जाईए ख़ैर कोई बात नहीं'

Rajesh said... first here...dropped in from Writers lounge.. I actually write there..

Loved it...and it feels good when we get things we had wanted...Great!!! All the best dude..

Take care..keep writing..

Navchawla said...

thanx rajesh..keep posted