Jan 12, 2009

I love these Rains!

O God! Please listen to my prayer

Please don’t keep the sky so clear

And bring the shadows of the clouds

Let them pour and roar out aloud


I feel so lonely and so sad

I wish to cry and get so mad

But I don’t want them to know

About my misery, I don’t want to show


O thank you God, for listening to me

Thou poured from heavens and blessed me

These clouds I feel are just like me

Full with emotions but still don’t plea

They just burst out aloud

And let their pain get drowned


O, I have always loved these rains

For they help me hide my pains

Now, I can walk along the path without any fear

And they would not be able to notice my tears.


jack said...

hey naveen that was amazing, i must say you improving as a peot, well rhyming was too good, i some how lack it in my poems

well the title could have been more apt but all in all good work

Navchawla said...

thanx bro..its all your inspiration that i m here right now...all credits to u!

Prabudha said...
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Prabudha said...

Probably your best yet...

Charlie Chaplin, the REAL comedy king, once said,"I love to walk in rain so no one can see my tears."
He must be happy reading this, wherever he may be. may his soul rest in peace... Aameen!

good rhyming, and great words!

Navchawla said...

@prabudha thanx bro..u were the one who taught me this skill..u see..so all credit of rhyming words goes to u..thanx a lot