Nov 23, 2008

Now I Realize!

You sung a hundred songs

With beautiful words

And we sat under the tree

The chirping of the birds

But now I realize,

They were all lies.


It looked so beautiful

When everything was calm and cool

But now the days are gone

Your heart turned into stone

In the climate, I felt the heat

And it became harder to breathe

And you made me realize,

That they were all lies.


You told me how you felt

And I had to regret

Coz I made mistakes

Your ego was at stakes

And now I realize,

They were all lies.


You asked me to move on

Like it never happened

But how can I forget

The plans that I had set

My life became a misery

But now it’s a history

Coz you made me realize,

They were all lies.


You told me right

It was just a dream of the night

And the night was gone

So why should I mourn

Now I made my mind

That I shall not be kind

And I have to fight

This battle like a knight

Coz now I realize,

They were all lies.


Yes, I realize

They all were lies.


Swapna Singh said...

Dear bro, this is the breeziest piece of poetry I have come across in a long time, a really welcome change from the mundane and prosaic ones I read as well as write.. :), my bro has overshadowed me and surprisingly I'm feeling proud of you..keep is the best form of self realization..

jack said...

hey too good bro, thats really amazing the flow of poem, about the content well really apt for certain situation..hope you dont generalise it keep writing

Archana said...

hey ........awesome poem. straight from d heart.

Sandy@IBS said...

Good work bro,really to pen down something from ur heart is what rarely people do. This situation,when there is a downturn a soothing poetry is like a ice in a desert.:).
The best part is,we need to read and can are relieved of not listening d explanation for hours from the great writer.

Lakshmi, In a Tryst with Understanding said...

Yes, I do realize
I loved all your lies

Nice song..... hope i completed it in a positive note....find a composer for this 1

Saurabh said...

good job....keep it up!!

Syed Misbahul Haque said...

great job dude...what r u doin in ICFAI....write few more lines like this and u would be popular enough to hire few MBA's....but tell me one thing ...what do u guys eat in ICFAI mess???? everybody starts writing and that too so gud...keep it up bro....

Navchawla said...

@misbu..thnx buddy..this was my first ever experience of writing a poem..about mess..well we dont eat much there u know y..lols..keep visiting for more

neha said...

hey naveen u kno my comments very well....this poetry is amazin...its very hard fr someone to express his or her feelings in words....only ppl with extraordinary intelligence can do dat.....and u r undoubtedly one of them...keep writing...all the best buddy

Navchawla said...

@neha..thanx for the compliments..i will surely keep posting